Tuesday, December 28

it runs in the family

This is the afghan my mother made for us this Christmas. I suspect she is practicing for baby blankets, but for now her grand-cat appreciates her efforts at least as much as we do.

Wednesday, December 22

sewing machine withdrawal

Traveling is one of my favorite things. However, my sewing machine is not particularly portable, and I miss it almost as much as my cat while I'm away. I'm channeling my domestic energy into baking. Grammie's recipe + my in-laws' kitchen = delicious chocolate chip cookies!

Monday, December 20

Christmas projects (part 3)

I finished with time to make a few matching hats and take my time packing. Whew!

Bag 3, complete!

Caps to match!

Sunday, December 19

Christmas projects (part 2)

Pieces of toddler backpack number 2.

Just needs a button.

2 of 3 complete!

Saturday, December 18

Christmas projects (part 1)

I'm making small toddler backpacks for my niece and nephews for Christmas. I have three days to complete them before we are traveling to visit my in-laws, and I will be separated from my sewing machine though the holiday. That gives me one day per bag. Here are some photos to chronicle my progress...

The cute pattern I found.
Work in progress.

One down, two to go.

Friday, December 17

a date on the calendar

Patrick has mentioned a few times now that if I keep giving away bags my Etsy shop will never open. As much as I love sharing my creations with friends, he has a point. So it's official. I have a deadline.

My Etsy shop will open Saturday, January 22, 2011.

Save the date! I'm planning a launch party at the Jurgens residence in Old Town complete with seasonal treats, spirits, good company, and perhaps even a few more giveaways.

The launch will include my first limited edition handbag series: Not all who wander are lost. The series features fabrics I collected on my most recent trip to India and is dedicated to my fellow travelers I'm fortunate to consider friends. It's always a pleasure when our paths cross.

I will also post the hand bags I've been making to test patterns and new designs at discounted rates, and I'll be taking custom orders for anything (within reason) people are inspired to request.

Check back for more sneak previews!

Thursday, December 16

Wednesday, December 15

a kindle sized tote

I love this fabric! The print is so lively and elegant at the same time. I was surprised to find it in the JoAnn's in my home town while I was visiting my parents this summer. I don't see a lot of unique, quality options like this in the same stores out here.

I made this bag to test some pattern modifications I wanted to try for a small tote. Since it was experimental and made of scrap fabric, I gave it to a friend. She has been using it as her daily purse ever since. What a compliment! Her feedback has been valuable as well - next time I'll include inside pockets and something to close the top. Buttons? Yes!

Tuesday, December 14

a cute cap for a cute kid

I made this eddie cap as a baby dedication gift for the son of some dear friends. It was meant to be a bit big - he'll have to grow into it, just like his faith - but the poor kid might not be able to wear it for another few years. Best intentions, right? At least it was made with love...

It was also made using material from an old pair of Patrick's pants and lined with material from an old costume. I like reusing clothing in this way. Not only is it green, it gives the new item a cozier feel.

Monday, December 13

starting somewhere

Why, you may ask, have I chosen to add my voice to the blogosphere? What makes my musings read-worthy? Those are good questions - I've been asking them of myself for the last few months since claiming this little space. Obviously I haven't come up with much, but I am kinda creative and pretty domestic. So are a lot of people, I know. A lot of people write blogs about things far less interesting than creativity and domesticity. Besides, things are bound to get more interesting when I open a shop on Etsy (details coming soon). It's been intimidating to get started, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere...