Tuesday, November 20

coming soon

Last year I got fabric to make two shirts for Patrick for his birthday. I didn't actually get around to making the shirts, so I'm hoping to finish them off as part of his gift this year. I also have some clothes I want to make for Atlas, but the project at the top of my list is a baby blanket for friends of my sister. Here are the fabrics I picked:

I also anticipate all kinds of new projects in the coming months because we're planning to move. More details on that later, but a new space inevitably means new design. It's going to be great.

Monday, November 19

To my poor neglected blog:

I'm sorry for being away so long. At first I was sick and had no energy for creativity, but more recently I've been making things without posting them. I promise I'll do better.


Thursday, November 1

costume: aviator

So a nasty cold completely derailed my costume making plans. I was miserable for over a week and spent any and all extra time resting and trying to heal. My plan was to use the sweatsuit pattern I drafted to make a fox costume. I had it all designed in my head, I had all the materials purchased, and I was so excited.

When we left for Michigan on Saturday, I had to make the hard choice to leave my project behind. I didn't want to assume I could borrow sewing equipment, and I didn't want to take time away from our visit with family. I cried.

We were invited to trick-or-treat with Atlas's cousins, which necessitated a costume, but I couldn't bring myself to go buy one. We decided to work with the sweatsuit I had already made, add the wings we got on the flight, and crochet a hat and goggles to complete the look.

The hat and goggles pattern is designed by Yarnovations.com and I purchased it on Etsy. A quick trip to Michaels for yarn and a few other supplies was easy. The hat was super quick and easy, the goggles slightly more time consuming, but also pretty basic. I used the exact yarn suggested by the pattern and a plastic cup for the lenses. I'm really pleased with the outcome.

I'm planning to use the materials I bought for the fox costume on a winter jacket inspired by this design and loosely using the Baby in the Hood pattern in Handmade Beginnings.