Tuesday, January 25

custom bag

There is something really exciting and simultaneously intimidating when someone asking for a custom order says something to the effect of "you're the artist, you decide." I've decided I like it because it gives me some creative license to run with an idea that's a little beyond what they asked for. Here's my most recent (and first Etsy official) custom hand bag.

Friday, January 21

a contest

Bring your thinking cap and a bit of creativity to the launch party of Old Soul Threads tomorrow. I will be holding a contest for the best new product line idea. Be ready to describe your idea briefly in writing. The winning idea will be the one I feel I'm most likely to use, and the winner will go home with a coupon for 50% off one item (custom or pre-made) from my shop. Sorry e-friends, you must be present at the launch party to win this one.

Wednesday, January 19


 ... a silent auction to benefit Heifer International's project in India. The below handbag will be up for auction at the Old Soul Threads launch party this Saturday. I found the featured fabric at a market in Mumbai, and I hand stitched the embroidery on the front. It's a lovely little tote with pockets inside too. For more info on the project the sale will benefit, see the Heifer site.

Tuesday, January 18

work space

I love hosting. Inviting people to my home and making them feel welcome and comfortable is one of my favorite things. We've had house guests staying in our spare room / guest room / my studio / Patrick's telework room for all but three days since we got back from Christmas in Michigan, which has been great, but it hasn't helped me meet my self imposed Etsy deadline. Today I'm finally migrating from my temporary living room set up (pictured below) back to where I usually work. Here's hoping it helps my productivity.

Thursday, January 13

just tall

Patrick doesn't fit in normal sized clothes. He's 6'1" and has a 6'7" wingspan. Do you shop at big and tall? you might ask. No. He's not big. Just tall.

This is a shirt I made for Patrick's birthday. Notice the length of the sleeves (long enough) and trim fit. I had to take about four inches off the waist and add about that much to each sleeve.
 The cuff detail was something I saw on Modern Family and wanted to try... of course the sleeves aren't long enough any more when he rolls them up to show off the customization.
I didn't match up the plaids on purpose. It's just a little off and looks just a little funkier than your average lumberjack outfit.

Monday, January 3

new inspiration

I think crochet flower flourishes are an inevitable component of one of my next projects. My sister, gift giver extraordinaire, gave me several fun things this Christmas, but by far the most fun was inspiration. She gave me 100 flowers to knit & crochet by Lesley Stanfield. I'm so excited to try every variety listed (ok, maybe not the asparagus).

Not only that, but during her visit to DC we visited the National Museum of Natural History which is currently exhibiting a crochet coral reef exhibit. It is one of the most creative things I've ever seen. Color me inspired.

The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef