Wednesday, November 13

hand crafted cake pop sale

Our community held a Fall Festival and reached out to crafters and home-based businesses to set up booths. I signed up to sell my cake pops. The event wasn't as well attended as we anticipated, so I had a slow day of sales and a lot of extra pops. Although I broke even and could probably adjust my quantities to do very well, I don't think I want to. The other vendors, mostly sales reps for businesses like Mary Kay and Pampered Chef, were encouraging, customers were complimentary, and I made some good contacts, but at the end of the fair I hadn't had as much fun as I expected.

I sent Patrick to work with about 100 leftover pops, and shared more at church and my book club. Sharing with friends reinforced my decision not to sell them again. It was so much more satisfying to give them away. Baking is my love language, not my livelihood.

Tuesday, November 12


A couple weeks after my last blog post, our youngest surprised us with an early arrival. In the time since, I've completed a few projects, but obviously I haven't posted anything. I blame sleep deprivation and adjusting to life with twice as many little ones around. I'll catch up a bit and hopefully get some new stuff done in the next few weeks as well.