Friday, April 11

my little prince

How cute is this little crochet crown!? The pattern can be found here. It's in Dutch, but with a little Google Translate a little guesswork it's not too difficult to figure out.

Thursday, April 10

map mats

When we first moved to Alexandria, we got this old chair for $25 off Craigslist. It was not in fantastic condition, but it was super comfortable. We finally got rid of it when the frame broke. There were wood pieces and springs sticking out, it really wasn't worth the salvage, but I kept the comfy cushions for just such a project as this.

I used two chair cushions and two thick foam pieces from JoAnn Fabrics and covered them to make mats for Atlas to lounge on and make forts out of. I imagined a reading nook. He of course had other plans, and they have mostly been jumped on, which is fine by me.

The panel of fabric is something I bought a long time ago thinking of Atlas, but I didn't know what to do with it. My mom had the same impulse and lack of inspiration, so I ended up with two maps, which allowed for some necessary overlap. The numbers on the back match well and I love the bold print.

Wednesday, April 9

wedding dessert table

I had the honor of standing in the wedding of a great friend and her guy in March. I also made the wedding cakes and some cake pops for the dessert table. It was a challenge because we traveled across the country for the occasion. I love seeing two families come together for a wedding, and I had a great perspective for this event. Family members from both the bride's and groom's side helped with making the cake pops. I had a lot of fun sharing something I love to do and spending time/ getting to know everyone.

I baked the cakes in a basement mother-in-law rental we got for the week. It was a great choice for us because the kids had a little more space than we would have in a hotel and of course the kitchen was important for me.

I'm happy with how the spread turned out...

... and even more happy for the newlyweds!