Thursday, September 18

signs and lettering

As you can probably tell, these were for a wedding. They are made from dollar store foam boards with chalkboard spray paint for a nicer surface texture. I used a chalk pen from Michael's for the lettering. There was one for the bar about cameras and shenanigans, but I guess I didn't get a picture.

wedding ferns

There were several DIY projects I helped with for my sister Cory's wedding, but by far my favorite was a fern stencil. We bought it to make signs for the road leading up to the wedding venue. It was outside an already-small town and there were several turns on back roads that could get guests lost. So we made it a family project with these lovely directions as the result.

Cory got the wood from work (she's a log accountant) and her groom cut the rounds. My dad constructed the signs, and stenciling the arrows and ferns was a group effort.

When we finished the signs there was still lots of paint, so we decided the cake stand needed some fern love.

There was still lots of paint, so my aunt said "I want one!" and took off her sweatshirt so we could stencil it. Cory was next to offer up the sweatshirt off her back, and it started a trend. Pretty soon everyone had a fern shirt.

Now they are lovely reminders of a beautiful wedding! Here's to Matt and Cory!

painting with a twist

So I went to one of those painting classes where everyone recreates their own version of a stock image. It was part of my new sister-in-law's bachelorette party, and we had lots of fun trying out our artistic talents and drinking wine during breaks (we had to let some paint dry after all). I'm glad I went. Probably wouldn't do it again. And I would never make it a date. Ha.

My finished product

The bride-to-be working on finishing touches

recent cake pops

In order of appearance...
1. Nutella flavored cake pops with fancy pink and gold for a birthday party
2. Vanilla pop with key lime candy coating (pretty yummy) for Baby Olson's shower
3. Double chocolate cake pops with fern decor for my sister's WEDDING... more to come on that event.