Tuesday, August 28

Pinterest Tuesday: easy summer dessert edition

Last week we took a trip out to a farm to pick our own fruit. The Mackintosh Fruit Farm was charming and affordable and completely deserted on a Monday afternoon. We picked honey crisp apples and yellow peaches, and we bought tomatoes, corn, and zucchini from the garden.

The fruit we left with weighed more than Atlas.

Over the course of the week I made apple sauce and an apple pie, but I didn't have a good idea for what to make with the peaches. They are delicious as they are, but I wasn't confident we would get through all of them before they start going bad. So I actually searched Pinterest for "peach dessert" and found inspiration from this pin of peach flambe.

I actually made my version before reading the instructional (I wish I had read it for the safety tips if nothing else, but it probably doesn't matter as much on my electric range as on their grill). A friend of mine made this dessert when we were in high school, and I felt qualified to attempt it having watched him (over ten years ago). Anyway, I used 2 T butter and 2 T brown sugar and melted them together on medium heat. I added a large sliced peach and cooked until it was tender.

Next time I would add another peach even though the one we used was large.

I added a generous splash of raspberry rum (the only real berries I had were frozen, so I decided to skip them).

Next time I will add more. It will be more likely to light!

With Patrick's help we turned out lights and prepared to light the concoction and take fantastic pictures. It didn't light. We tried and tried and finally decided to just let the alcohol simmer off. I added a pinch of cinnamon and served it up over vanilla ice cream. Delicious!

This is a Patrick-sized serving.

Tuesday, August 21

Pinterest Tuesday: catching up edition

I am hoping to attempt one project inspired by a Pinterest idea each weekend and post the results on Tuesdays. I'll post Pin-wins (projects I think are successful) as well as Pinstrocities (of the less successful variety).

The first few are projects I completed over the last several months, but starting next week I'll try to keep everything current. Here goes...

Based on a pin of this dry erase calendar, I used a frame we already had with scrapbook paper to make this weekly calendar. Patrick and I share google calendars and keep most of our schedule organized there, but sometimes it helps to actually write it out and have it visually available in our home.

This pin of a kitchen tea wreath seemed like the perfect way to add color to our otherwise boring kitchen and display our tea collection for guests. We later determined most of our selection is loose leaf and difficult to put on the wreath, but it's still pretty. I used cardboard from a box and wrapping paper from World Market.

This pin showing fabric wall paper covering a door was my inspiration for putting up some fabric on our walls. I tested a small piece in the back corner of a small closet to make sure there would be no lasting damage to our (rented) walls, and went for it. I chose a fairly dark print to contrast our otherwise white walls and light carpet. I love the way it adds a coziness to our decor.


Friday, August 10

baby girl dress

I originally got this fabric as a quilters bundle and had it earmarked for a nursing cover, but when it became clear that Atlas would not tolerate being covered, I added it to my fabric bin for another day. The day turned out to be a birthday - a first birthday! Many happy returns, Miss Elle.

Wednesday, August 8

nesting cubes

I would like to think having a kid is like a wedding - a gift any time in the first year is totally acceptible... at least that's what I'm telling myself because my "shower" gift for little Elle is on the eve of her first birthday.

Her mama chose these nesting cubes as an alternative to a baby blanket because their family already has a blanket I made for older brother. The pattern is from Handmade Beginnings, a great resource for sewing apparel for mamas and babies, as well as toys and accessories. I chose the fabric to be bright and girly, fitting the floral theme of her room.

Nested cubes

Stacked cubes

My little photo bomber