Monday, June 4

cake pop tutorial

Cake pops I made for book club tonight.
Milk chocolate on dark chocolate with yellow cake in the middle!
  • Make yellow cake from a box (you can make it from scratch, but in my experience they don't turn out much better because the texture is less of a factor)
  • Cut off the crust if you want the centers to be smooth and without color variation
  • Add 1 cup vanilla frosting and mix thoroughly
  • Chill 
  • Use your clean hands to make balls (I usually get 48-50)
  • Melt 1 package dark cocoa Wilton candy melts
  • Dip lollipop stick 1/2 inch into the candy melt and then insert into the ball
  • Chill
  • Dip ball into the candy melt and tap over pot to remove excess coating, but gently to avoid losing the cake ball into the candy.
  • Place upright to dry - I use a Styrofoam block with holes 2 inches apart
  • Decorate - for these I used 1/4 bag milk chocolate candy melt in a sandwich bag with a corner clipped off.

If you are interested in a full detailed tutorial with more pictures, let me know in the comments.

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